What is Blockchain?
July, 2019
Blockchain is a digital ledger, a type of distributed ledger technology that is used to record transactions in chronological order and is distributed throughout the network.
Being a tamper-proof, immutable digital ledger, blockchain is perfect for recording transactions and storing valuable information. It makes the sharing of this information possible without compromising the security of the ledger.
Blockchain technology has evolved into one of today’s biggest ground-breaking technologies. It has the potential to disrupt every industry from financial institutions, educational, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and many more. Compared to traditional centralized business processes, blockchain and other emerging decentralized consensus methods are offering transparency and security propelling individual businesses to the forefront of their respective industries.

As the daily growing network of distributed ledger technologies, particularly blockchain technology, increases, there is no doubt that a great deal of businesses would like to delve into the world of decentralization.

Many business owners are looking forward to improving their businesses through blockchain. In order to do that, these business owners should know the right blockchain applications for their businesses as well as be able to seamlessly integrate blockchain into their existing platforms. Though, it is very important to know that blockchain may not be the right fit for every company, business or project. Blockchain is not something that you should partake in just because it sounds appealing. Knowing how to plan and implement the right blockchain solution is a critical process.
That is why we are here to help you assess your business or project at hand and be able to evaluate the best technology, platform, and overall approach for your blockchain implementation.

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