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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Development

Resonant Marketing Group is here to provide you with the best ideation, development and execution services for your cryptocurrency venture. We develop customised solutions in a fast, secure and reliable manner to suit your needs and ensure the completion of your project on time.

For many businesses, having an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), or Token Generation Event (TGE) is an effective way to raise funds, and/or awareness for their venture. At Resonant Marketing Group, we can help you decide if these strategies will be a benefit to you, and if so, help you plan and implement an effective ICO or TGE.  

Here’s what we cover in our ICO development services:


A white paper will be one of your most important marketing tools as it provides complete projection of the various stages of your project. Most investors will evaluate your project through this and we will help you come up with a detailed and a comprehensive whitepaper.


We help you present your project concisely through a well-documented and detailed prospectus designed to increase understanding and persuade others to be involved with your project.

Landing Page

Prove that your project and company has something worth investing in and is trustworthy, all within the split second a visitor takes a look at your landing page by creating an informative and eye catching website.

ICO/TGE Fundraising Dashboard

We will create a secure and easy to use dashboard by integrating the highest security standard and incorporating multilingual support and multiple cryptocurrencies.

Marketing Plans

Planning a winning strategy to market your ICO/TGE is very important and should be your utmost priority. Let us build marketing strategies that will help your project to stand out, reach your target investors and maximize your resources.


A roadmap will serve as a guide for your community/investors to know about your company’s future plans and developments. We highlight your future plans and milestones by making a good and sensible roadmap.

Coin/Token Creation

We help you choose the best blockchain developers to create your cryptocurrency coin or token and to provide a customized cryptocurrency development service and build optimum models that perfectly suit your needs.

Wallet Setup

We offer comprehensive consulting and wallet development services that are designed to protect coin purchases, making your cryptocurrencies more secure.

Coin/Token Distribution

We provide carefully designed models for cryptocurrency token distribution that ensures proper distribution of the tokens between the developers, network users and other participants.

Blockchain Integration

Through our custom blockchain integration, we will help you automate, secure, and standardized your system.  We will drive new transformational changes in your existing technology infrastructure through blockchain technology.

Smart Contract Setup

Our team will help you integrate the usage of smart contracts based on your business requirements and existing systems. We will make sure to develop a practical application of the technology to streamline your business using highly reliable, secure, and standardized smart contract services.

We will guide you throughout your journey!

We will make sure that you are going to launch your ICO/TGE successfully by providing the best end-to-end solutions that are custom made to suit your needs, goals, and timeline.

Our team of experts will help you come up with attractive and properly designed tokenomics, help you determine your target market, and come up with the best marketing strategies. We will make sure to optimize your presence on different social media platforms to ensure your full engagement with the user/investment community.

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